When you will know what you really want in your life

Today I couldn’t stop myself to post my first article, after reading this article completely you will be known why I am saying this. It is universally true that there is something inside your deep sense which guide you on the way to complete your journey of life and it responds every time to tell you about your right direction, but  many times we are unable to listened it. A moment comes in your life you feel what is happening inside you that is the time which change you and it forced you to do that which you already have inside you.
So my first article is about When you will know what you really want in your life.
When I was a child I remember that i played games after school and stayed happy but when I grow I feel something inside me that wants to tell me something all the times. I felt emptiness inside my heart , now i was no more happy like i was in past. To fulfill it i try to listened deep inside me. It was the thing for which we are talking about . What was that , it was my inner Consciousness, it was real me that knows all about me well. I ignore it and move forward just start to live with this. This is naturally principled that if you ignore something that will ignore you. This happened to me and I stop thinking what I want. I develop habits which other wants for me.I read subjects which other forced to me. After many years that feeling comeback and it again starts to pin Me with a empty whole to fill it.
Now this time I did not ignore this emptiness and decided to fill it at every cost whatever it takes. I start to track it.
You know there is a principal in electrical engineering ‘If you want to transfer maximum power from  a source to load then the impedance of both must be same’. I develop a life principle from it that is every person, Every thing on this planet has its specific frequency on which all thing happened in your life . Your like dislike also depend on it which frequency you have . For example why you intensely see a single girl in a group of girls, why you  attract towards her not for others. Here this principle works that’s frequency match . You like a specific thing in your life, this creates diversity in world and due to it things are happening.
Our deep institution is very critical and sensitive it need from you to match frequency with the things you want really in your life. So when you will able to match it, you will feel transfer of maximum power. You will feel the real you, you will feel the real happiness in your deep sense. My friends that is real you ,you are in your original version.

Just believe me when it will happen, you will forget all the  matters and you will start to talk with your reflection , you will feel a intense pleasure that can’t be comparable.
When I was writing this in my balcony I just forget all surroundings near me, my legs were watering in rain and i was not aware about it. It was a perfect feel with frequency match. Placeholder ImageThis is your real treasure you will find in your life.


  1. Very earlier I used to ask my friends, colleauges, n elders that’ what is the meaning of life’
    …Everybody had his own opinion,but it did not work for me…After reading ur heart touching article I must say life is totally meaningless….It is nothing but a “PLAY” n everyone is playing the character scripted by almighty. He always search for the character resembles to him…..Love, affection, ownness, friendship these are only due to frequency match.. till death this journey goes on…………………………………………Regards Neeraj Sachan

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    1. Good to see hare ….
      We can say life is meaningless ….it is like a lit match stick …you can use it for see in dark…or just for fun…..choice is ours…….live your life where you feel happiness …there is nothing big than your fulfill happiness.


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