What is Ultimate goal of life -Freedom from all the things

We all living on a planet called earth, just imagine for a moment and have a feel how all this huge universe works. A planet on which we all are living, revolving continually around the sun, a star of our solar family, if we see in universe there are billions of stars like sun. This is a huge universe, it is limit less. I am just talking about all this because once you see all these things from above earth, Everything will seems clear in your life. Life will seems simple, we humans do a mistake mostly that we take all the things practically. If I say how many of us remember daily that we live on a planet called earth. I think we all are living a life which don’t allow us to think even for a while. You know that’s the main reason we didn’t realize life’s real truth and our ultimate goal in this universe. We all are trapped in something which we don’t like.

The ultimate goal of life is hidden in principle of nature. If I talk about ultimate then every body’s goal is same that is to gain top most freedom from all the things. Top most I mean that flowing in wave with no resistance, no power requires flowing it. Everybody born on this earth has this goal and all wait for this to attain.

See this beautiful nature and feel all natural things on earth and find what it wants to tell us, as you can’t bound this nature this has freedom by origin same you can’t resist your soul to being free from all.

Once you taste freedom nothing taste like this. It is ultimate. If you will track your daily life you will notice we all running from all .we are running from our works we are running from ourselves, what is this. This is the want or desire of ultimate freedom.

Death is also a part of freedom. We all fears by this but if death does not exist you will not be motive to do anything. It is the death, which forced to move us. There are many layers around us, which stops us to gain freedom. Many breaks these layers, hindrance, and set an example. I am traveling alone this time while I am writing this, on a window seat in a train and I am thinking about it and feeling a different type of freedom. You know if you want to reflect yourself, solitude can be a good friend for a while.

Freedom gives food for your soul. It is an ultimate pleasure that is you cannot feel from anything. Freedom is our ultimate goal.

Just go and give yourself the taste of freedom. It feel nothing like it.


  1. You are so right about death as a motivator. If there was no sense of living life as long as we can and the best we can, we would put things off until tomorrow instead of doing it today. Unfortunately, many people do not have dreams when they get older. They think it is too late. They want to relax and do nothing. A mistake I think. Live until there is no more time left.

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    1. As sun is there we will get the sun light, same if there is something that inspire ,there will be hope not to failed. Some says that what if we failed even after tried, I say to them if you will try , you will not have any regret, you will have the sense that you never failed.


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