What is your passion in life, Only your heart knows

Sometimes in your life, you feel your heart start crying itself, when it feel something that is closely related to it. They are the things who touch you deeply. Our heart always teared when it will get answers for which it searched long time. Life give you omens all time along your path, it is the heart who identified these omens and help us to climb stairs to follow our destiny. Every omen you follow is connected to each other, it is all just like a sequence.

Your heart is your true reflection, it live with you whole life. The very interesting thing is that it gives you alarm at Every stages, if you are on right track or on wrong path. Every person on this earth has its own destiny. Every single has his path to follow. You can’t compare it with any one. As iron has its own significance so as gold has. Both has its destiny to full fill something. But it does not mean that iron can’t be transformed in gold, absolutely it can be, but required efforts to be processed to became gold. In the process to follow your destiny, you have to pass many hurdles. Sometimes you will find yourself unable to follow your dreams, because this whole journey demand you to pay the cost. Cost in mean you have to suffer your heart, you have to lose many things, you have to do something, you never had before. To follow your dreams is not easy, as it seems first. It need courage until the final milestone does not mounted on the journey towards your dream. It require patience to wait until you have the chance hit a big. You see air, son all natural things on earth, have you ever think that who made all this. As a building made first by designer same all this universe made by someone. We can say our manufacturer, only he knows why he made every individual thing and decide destiny of all. If you want to know your destiny, you have to call your manufacturer to know your purpose on this earth. Only he can tell you why you have to born, However you have to struggle mile to go to know this, because to follow your destiny is not easy. You have to be suffered, but it is much better than to not follow your dreams.

Believe on your heart that it will always help you in every difficult time. It will give you all the solution you required, just follow it. It is the only who will live you until the end. It will never deceive you. It will help you to overcome in every situation. It can feel pain and feel joy. It knows your destiny.

The only way to satisfy your  soul is to follow your destiny until you do not realize it.


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