Never ending life cycle- Life is an exam for the next level.

We born repeatedly to experience the things, our soul is here after experience many things from many past years. This cycle that never ends until we did not much experienced for the next level. When you want realization you are in the condition to find the answers for this life, you want to know the purpose behind your whole life. In this condition, you are above from all the materialistic things. If we you have experienced all luxury things in your past births, you do not attract this. These are the realization states, so now if any question in your mind comes that why all this happening in your life then don’t worry by this, It’s all for your experience to reach the next level. This all is an exam in which many questions may be come from out of syllabus or may be difficult but for reaching in next class, you must have pass in every conditions. You cannot bypass these difficulties if you want to pass this world or you wanted to know what is above from all this, what is the next level.

Many times I think that at a certain time why these thoughts come in my mind why not before it.

Our source has a specific time to occur the things, you realize the things at a certain time but it is totally in you how you react for this either you will ignore or you understand. However, realization will repeat repeatedly in life even in next birth until you did not work on it. It has a never end process .so it will be better to work with in time so you can avoid delay to reach next level. My friend remember one thing in mind there are many in race to escape from here and you cannot escape from this.

You have either to participate in it repeatedly or win it to see what is next.

It’s an extreme pleasure to know what is coming next..

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