You forget your basic pillars.

Many times you forget about a transparent glass when you see outside behind from a window. There are many things invisible around us, we are not aware about it all. Not knowing about all is good or bad


depend on your satisfaction level .Weather you are satisfied with your known truth or not, if you are not then you will struggle for knowing the truth. There is no peak of truth, once you find answers for one there will thousands of questions will arise in its. What should you do, you must not being panic, in knowing the things to make your life better. Once you will be, know all the thing you need to make your life better stored with in you. You do not have to go anywhere you can gain your self-mastery, it is better to not know all the things from outside world. You should make your world first. Life basics tools will help you to gain it. What is life basic tools; these are nothing like the pillars you forget, as you get older. We will talk about these pillars in vast in upcoming articles.

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