Your shadow reflection do not match with you –You are not on the right path.

You are walking on a road toward your office after having a lunch, sun is on the top of your head, you see your shadow just in front you on the road while continually walking. What are you seeing in your shadow, are you trying to recognize yourself or you doubtful that the shadow person is different from you? Ever you notice your shadow or not, if not, just notice once .You will gone in a reflection state. May be your shadow will not match with you, may be you feel who is this .You will be in a big confusion.

Your reflection, your shadow will tell you that you are on the right path or not. You are doing justice with your life or not. You are in the right direction to fulfill your dreams or not.

Many congratulations to you if your shadow math with you, you are happy with your shadow reflection it match with you. But what if you are not recognizing it, you are doubtful that it is you .Then it is a sign that you are not on the right path. You are not on the right path then for what you are waiting hare. Either you are thinking that there will be a magic that will make your path right or good things will automatically happen to you. My friend you are very wrong, there will be no magic. You have been habitual of living same life. You do not wat to change that.

Your time on this planet is very limited, there is no time waiting for well happening. It is  well to have inspirational thoughts in your mind or reading motivational thing like this, until you will not realize your thoughts in to action there will not any fruitful thing happen. Now you will say I try many things, even I am not going to be successful. Friend you are not going to pay off you action to anybody, you are doing the things for your own; you want to make your own journey until the end. You do not have to stop until the end. Failures will come to your way to experienced you. If you will be dedicated towards your ultimate goal, you will be happy even you did not reach at the last. When you are in the state that you enjoy the process, life seems to be easy and there is nothing bigger than your soul satisfaction.

If you are not on the right path, if you are not seeing your soul in you shadow, if you are not giving your soul to your passion, if you are feeling something missing in your life, if you are not living the life fullest, if you are not feeling blood flowing in your body. If you are not feeling courage in you, if you feared by anything. If you are not you want to be in life, if you heart beat is not with you. This is the time to change your path, the time to redefine your reality, the time to discover your life’s real treasure.

Do not stop until you did not get that goal you want to reach. Once you will define you will define this world. The persons you seeing successful may not differ in big manner than you. They just have redefine the realities. So make your own reality, nothing is not big than your courage. You cannot do the big thing if you din t have energy; try to gain it by your every single action.


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