Why I start writing; to have a fulfill journey.

Why I start writing, was a big question in my mind when I began writing my blog. First, I will ask why we all do a thing in our life. We do things when the forced for doing a thing increased at that limit, you could not wear. It is your inner force. It did not surprised me that I start writing but why I became a writer, it surprised me.

I look inside my soul and fund answer there, my soul tell me it gives you fulfillment. If anyone gets to motivate or find any fruitful thing in my writings, it fulfill my dream. This dream is a journey by which, I could fire a flame inside persons who wants to discover them, who wants to find life propose, its meaning and who want to come on a journey that gives a soul satisfaction. A life that are beyond the materialistic world. I want to encourage people not to live a common life, that every person is on run, just want to benefited them by words that forced them to changed their direction toward a full fill life by which they also could motivates other.

My friends’ life is nothing but a full fill journey of your soul so that at the end of your life you did not have any regret in your heart. You should have a peace in your soul .Life is nothing but the results of your whole life on your last day. So I want to encourage you to make your results better .Don’t be in a race that tag you a common men .

Drams seems to be pleasant until you don’t forced yourself to let them in make them realize. I just want to motivate you live a life you never live .

So get up my friend and run until you did not get what you want , Always be courageous to let your failure down .Do it all to have a fulfill journey.



  1. That was well said. What you say is true. I believe like you. I want to inspire people to believe they can reach out and grab their dream. Do not shut and wish you had a different life more fulfilling – get up and MAKE your life be what you want it to be. If you do not try you will die an unhappy person.

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