Nourish your passion to avoid wasting your energy.

You find your passion after having many discoveries and struggle. You start living with your passion and find happiness in it, but after as days passed, you feel yourself no more interesting in your passion. You again came at the same question, is this my true passion?  You start questioning yourself, may be you are wrong and start wondering something else that something new may be your passion. However, same thing happened again. It consumes our valuable time of our life. We ejected ourselves in this never-ending loop until you did not finally feel; there is no sense of this life.



My friends there is misconception in our minds that your passion is a thing that need no resistance. You think you do not have to do anything to pursue it, you are wrong. You have miles to go to seed your passion. See an example that will clear how you can seed your passion. What was a tree before sow in field? It was a simple seed. Now what you did to make it a big tree. You only had to take care seed and start looking for it; you give it water and fertilizer daily. After doing it for many days you may have lost your patience, you may think it is useless. However, if you have stability, you will see miracles. You will see a beautiful tree; you will see its beautiful roses.

So what does it mean, it mean you have to seed your passion until its first branch does not come. You do not have to end up at early; you must have patience until it natured. Afterthought you can think about it that you are interesting in it or not. Do not be in hurry in life; do not be in a common race in which whole word is running. Make your unique ideas and work on it. Finding passion is not an easy thing. Be prepared for many hurdles, you must not afraid of changes. It is bases on hit and trial method until you will not pursue for what you think you cannot find. Prepare yourself mentally physically or whatever it takes to find your passion. Good luck my friends.


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