Your soul knows where is your real happiness.

Your soul is your power source; it gives you energy to live your life. You know when you feel happy inside you, you feel you are living your life with fullest, you want to laugh, and you listened your heartbeat. There is a charisma around you; there is a positive frequency around you, which could be feel by others also. You connected with your soul. Your soul knows where is your happiness, your purpose that has to be fulfill in this life. It gives you path, the right approach; it is your real commander. You must always connected with your soul.

However, when you goes away from your soul, from your spirit, you lose focus from your real energy source. In this situation, you are not getting much power from your source. You start look tired unhealthy. You start lose focus from your work. You feel your life not going to be fulfill. Therefore, what is behind this? Your disconnection from your soul.

When you are ready to lose all your materialistic life setup, your past and your future to your present, you start connected with your soul. That is your real you. When you are in situation not to look big things to make you happy. You start finding your happiness in small thing. When you start believing that, you are the part of this whole universe, you are not a small thing and there is purpose for you. You start feeling happiness, you feel you life fullest when you feel nature, when you talk with nature. You connected with your soul, your real energy source.





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