1. Life – birth, aging, sickness and death. Over and over. It never changes. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Never changes. All life follows this law of life. Law of nature. If all nature follows this law so does human life. Humans do not – birth, aging, sickness . . . heaven. Because cycle can not repeat. Man can not embrace death. Man needs to go live in a heaven to think he would be happy after death. But heaven is here, in our daily life. We do not need to die to be happy because our life is unhappy now. These men are foolish. Learn to be happy now with your life.

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    1. Yes , we should not be in the hope that something will be better on other place, all is here to make our lives in the present . As nature is the most beautiful on this planet, It never refuse to perform its duty ,we can learn some life changing from it. ” perform your work in which you are passionate, does not matter which is the situation”.Flow with this beautiful life, doing that which give you that feeling of fulfillment for which we all want to discover in this life journey.


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