The book, that changed his whole prospective of life was “The Saint, the surfer and the CEO” By Robin Sharma.(What life wants from us).

Recently one of my friend shared something with me that he stopped drinking alcohol since last 15 days. I said it is a very good thing, you adopt towards good going. However, the main thing that surprised me when he said, he never break his continuity of drinking alcohol from the past 7 years. This was the biggest gap he had made; he was not able to hold himself even more than two days. I asked him, why he did it and how?

He told me that he had tried many times before to give up but his will power was not strong as much more than his desire of drinking. However, as he start to concentrate on himself from inside, a voice from his inner self helps him to do it. In addition, after focusing on small thing such as scheduling daily routine perfectly, his self-steam increases so that his will power made strong. Now he is not feeling any urges of drinking alcohol, he even enjoy his life now and looking very energetic and healthy than before. This all surprised me, is all good things happen due to stop drinking or something else? He also told me that he starts looking inside himself when he starts reading good books. Moreover, the book he read that changed his prospective of life was “The Saint, the surfer and the CEO” By Robin Sharma.

Friends when we stars to believe in our self, and see ourselves inside deep, we see our reflection, we see our true self. The routine that we made in our life is the influence of this outer world. Until you did not focus to change yourself, nothing good happened and you remain trapped in it. A reason play main role to change something. Do not wait bad thing happened to you , you can starts before it .You can read good books so that may be a single line forced you to changed your whole life in the good direction. Inspiration could come from anything you just need to look and look from the inside. Where your true version lives.

We all have limits of our efforts, and we tied to it. We dreams according to our limits that we set in our minds. This limit is responsible of our tininess and our narrow prospective. We all thinks that we are not able to do such a thing .But the problem is we wish for that all the time to true our dreams but we don’t want to stretch our limits. The people those gives excuses all the times that they were not able to reach their goal, Comes in this categorie.

Life want nothing from us but enjoy it, it want from us that adventure, that journey that you never made before. It want from us to adopted the changes, accept the situation and be happy in present state. If you can stretch your limits, your dreams are waiting to welcome you ahead. If you are not able to increase you limit, and then try to be happy in your present state and with you have in your life. Do not complain from it, Life is very beautiful, there are thousands of good things around us, and you can cheers for that. Do not be in hurry, Starts with small steps, you will also find you your dreams when the air will flow in your direction, you will feel that beautiful feeling, we all called life.

Life is that beautiful feeling inside our heart that has no words but it matched with what you want, that fulfill your soul.





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Hello friends, This is Sandeep Singh , an Engineer by profession. Every person on this planet is on journey, a very personal journey for which only you are responsible. I have my own. Every one performing their role in this vast cinema. This journey start when you get your cosmic calling for which you born. I start writing when i feel for this , when my inner self forced to me do it. I stop myself but i couldn't .It match with my frequency. Am on a journey to live a inspirational life by which i could motivate, inspire people to know what is inside them. Everyone is special , just listen what is deep inside in, you may feel burden when you start but not forever .You will win one day when you will feel your real reflection ..the real you. SANDEEP SINGH

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